Crate digging at home

I don’t have enough shelf space at the moment and what I do have has collapsed a few times so I keep a chunk of albums inside a a hollow, two seater, wooden chair. Here they are:


I’m not sure how many are in there but best guess would be 150 or so. Today I picked out a few I haven’t listened to for a while but, as I have a few days off work, thought I would pop on the turntable again and become re-aquatinted.

This is what I picked out. My copy of The Pixies – Surfer Rosa is a bit knackered but it still plays:


I have a few Elvis Costello in there but picked out Armed Forces, mostly because the cover is so good:


I haven’t listened to Rattus Norvegicus by The Stranglers for quite a while so that was picked out, it’s a brilliant album of course and I’m not sure why I put it in the box:


I haven’t played Joni Mitchell – The hissing of summer lawns for years, so that on is going to get a spin:


and, finally, Talk Talk – The Colour of Spring, another beautiful cover:


In case you were wondering, Talk Talk was played first, listening to it now.

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