Random Item – Number 2 – 65daysofstatic


This was yesterday but I pressed the random item on Discogs again and it came up with the soundtrack for the computer game ‘No Mans Sky’ which, if I remember correctly, has been slated as one of the worst games ever. I wouldn’t really know as I have never played it, this gives an idea though:

There just isn’t a game here. You get about eight hours of entertainment before you realize there’s nothing to do. Even with limitless exploration, there’s almost nothing to explore. It’s all the same.

One thing the game makers did get right is the soundtrack, performed by 65daysofstatic. When I stumbled across this I was a little skeptical thinking it would all be rather incidental and not very listenable, however, having given it a quick listen I found it not to be at all.

I had a look for a copy and found a guy who was leaving the country and selling off his record collection, so instead of the going rate I got the 4 LP box set for £30. Which is half (ish) of what it usually sells for and the copy I received was mint.


Below is track 2 from the Side A of the first LP, and it is very much a 65daysofstatictrack and I love the damn thing:

It is a real shame as the music is just excellent and the game is, apparently, terrible, which probably resulted in the music being overlooked somewhat. The track below is ‘Debutante’ and was, I believe, used in the trailer for the game. I do know somebody who bought the game and played it for a while, they took it back and received a refund, as did many people.


A1 Monolith 6:18
A2 Supermoon 4:22
B1 Asimov 5:52
B2 Heliosphere 4:23
C1 Blueprint For A Slow Machine 5:54
C2 Pillars Of Frost 2:57
C3 Escape Velocity 2:55
D1 Red Parallax 4:47
D2 Hypersleep 2:53
D3 End Of The World Sun 7:26
E1 NMS_exteriorAtmos1 / False Suns 9:29
E2 Tomorrow / Lull / Celestial Feedback 10:54
F1 Departure / Shortwave / Noisetest 11:50
G1 temporalDissent / ascension_test1 / koaecax 10:07
G2 Borealis / Contrastellar 8:52
H1 Outlier / EOTWS_Variation1 11:59

I was just speaking to a chap who actually likes the game, although admits that it is incredibly repetitive. Interestingly he mentioned how good the music is but had no idea who it was by, so I was quite happy to speak at length about 65daysofstatic and the 4 LP box set I have of the music. I believe he fell asleep twice during this but I pushed on anyway.

Rating: 9.2


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