Alex Somers – Captain Fantastic (Music from The Film)


Alex Somers is an American visual artist and musician from Baltimore, Maryland, who attended Berklee College of Music and Listaháskóli Íslands. Since 2010 he has been running a recording studio in Reykjavík where he produces, engineers, and mixes.

You may recognise some of his other work such as Artwork for the ‘Sigur Ros’ album ‘Takk’ or the ‘Hammock’ album cover for ‘Maybe They Will Sing for Us Tomorrow’. Somers has produced/mixed a few ‘Sigur Ros’ albums and the solo album from ‘Jonsi’, who he has released an album with as ‘Jonsi & Alex’ called ‘Riceboy Sleeps’.  So he is the kind of guy who is heavily involved but not front and centre and I was a little tentative about buying the music he did for Captain Fantastic having never actually seen the film.

Captain Fantastic Trailer:

alexsAs a lover of Sigur Ros though it seemed to me that it was worth a try but I saw it several times in the record shop and didn’t buy it until it was discounted by £5, it was still quite expensive though. The cover has round corners and the vinyl is, apparently, a duck egg blue. This version is limited to 1,150 copies, which is nice, more importantly though is that it is damn beautiful to listen to.

I do love a soundtrack as, quite often, the music is wonderful when listened to outside the context of the film, as is the case with this one. It is at times a little avant garde and at others modern classical, with some electronic and ambient scattered around. Where it is most appealing I suppose is where Jonsi of Sigur Ros is adding some incidental voices as it imbues the soundtrack as a whole with some grace and majesty.

The film tells the story of Ben (Viggo Mortensen), a father-of-six, who choses to raise his family off the grid in a forest in the Pacific Northwest. His wife is in treatment for bipolar disorder and Ben receives a letter informing him that she has killed herself. He packs up his children and they take a road trip to their mother’s funeral in New Mexico, despite warnings from his late wife’s father that he will have him arrested if he disrupts the funeral. I’ll leave the description there in case you ever decide to watch it in full, wouldn’t want to spoil it.

Often on soundtrack albums there is a theme that repeats and reprises but not so here, there are 24 tracks and almost all are individual pieces and none are disposable. There is a lightness of touch that Somers has, a delicacy, that suggests the music he has created would not be overpowering when used in the film but still manage to have their own identity when listened to as an album.


A1 A New Beginning 1:26
A2 Church 3:13
A3 Campfire 3:56
A4 Funeral Pyre 1:38
A5 She Slit Her Wrists 2:51

B1 Memories 2:14
B2 Fireflies 2:12
B3 Home 1:06
B4 Fell 2:35
B5 Dream 1:29
B6 Near Death 1:38
B7 Water (I’m Right Here) 0:57
B8 School Bus 1:37

C1 Forrest 2:47
C2 Look Forward To 2:58
C3 Keepsakes 3:32
C4 Remembering 7:16

D1 Unsoundness 2:01
D2 Waving Goodbye 0:47
D3 Day Of Your Birth 1:03
D4 Water (Not Go Home) 0:55
D5 Goodbye… 1:33
D Disappear 2:11
D7 Fortress 4:37

Rating: 9.1



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