The Shuffle

enlight24I decided to charge up my Ipod Classic today for the first time in a long while, over a year, maybe two. I can’t remember what is on it. I have a reasonable idea of course but I’ve completely blanked the disc and re-loaded several times in the past to remove a lot of spurious tracks that I never listened to, it’s a 120GB so it holds a lot of junk if you let it.

So I set it to Shuffle this morning and for absolutely no reason at all I began writing down the tracks it played, and this isn’t the first time I’ve done that, which is worrying. Anyway, as I’d taken the time to write them down I’m going to share them. There’s no editing or omissions in an attempt to look cooler, after all, I am either the coolest guy on the planet (according to my dog) or well past the age where being cool is a thing (ask anybody else other than my dog). Here we go then:

1 Rush – Closer to the heart
2 Pink Floyd – Breathe
3 Brian Eno – A measured Room
4 Phil Collins – Only you know and I know
5 Radio Head – The Bends
6 The Doors – LA Woman
7 Eluvium – All the sails
8 Zero 7 –Pepe Bradock WTF HPPND Remix (Today)
9 The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter
10 King Crimson – Dicipline (Live)
11 Boards Of Canada – Hey Saturday Sun
12 Massive Attack – Teardrop
13 Genesis – More Fool Me
14 Radiohead – Knives Out
15 Neil Young – Old Man
16 The Handsome Family – If The World Should End In Ice
17 Mogwai – Folk Death 95
18 John Martyn – The Glory of Love
19 Spiritualized – The Individual
20 The Cocteau Twins – Violaine
21 Four Tet – Aying
22 Genesis – The Knife
23 Lambchop – There’s Still Time
24 Sigur Ros – Rembihnutur
25 Mogwai – Wait For Aidan
26 Bob Marley & The Wailers – Lively Up Yourself
27 Bjork – Wanderlust
28 Nick Drake – Parasite
29 Henry Mancini – The Streets of San Francisco
30 Japan – Swing
31 Faust – Picnic on a frozen river, deuixeme tableaux
32 Future sound of London – High Tide on the sea of flesh
33 Tricky – Suffocated Love
34 Peter Gabriel – I don’t remember
35 Explosions In The Sky – Our last days as children
36 PIL – Attack (live)
37 Neil Cowley Trio – Lament
38 Mazzy Star – Flowers in December
39 The Sex Pistols – Seventeen
40 Ennio Morricone – A Fistfull of Dollars

That’s all.

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