33 1/3 Radio Show Episode 10 now available!

It is over there on the right or at the main page here

Strap in, it is a long one!


3 thoughts on “33 1/3 Radio Show Episode 10 now available!”

  1. # 10 wasn’t long enough. Loved the two opening cuts. Just discovered Tinariwen lately. Gillian and Rawlings sounded great. So did Watermelon Man (Seen the Headhunters do it back in the 70’s) and Marcus Miller. JJ Cale is a fave. All over the musical map with your show. Enjoyed it as usual.


  2. Thank you kindly. When I get around to #11 it will be even longer I think, I have 60 tracks at the moment! I need to do some trimming. I’d not heard Watermelon Man until very recently and bought a used copy of the album, the whole thing is really good. Must have been great to see them. Glad you enjoyed the show.

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