33 1/3 Radio Show 9 Now available

It is over there on the right or at the main page here


3 thoughts on “33 1/3 Radio Show 9 Now available”

  1. Good show. Nice Mix. Enjoyed the Acid Jazz segment and the Misty cut. Nice back to back on the Genesis/Sex Pistols cuts. I like them both also. The Genesis sounded particularly good. Elvis tune also sounded real good. Lulu was great in ‘To Sir With Love’ (a CB fave film) Love the title track from the film. Stomu sounded good. I looked up that album because i hadn’t heard it. There is a cut titled 331/3 on it.

    3 listeners. When can we expect T shirts? “Get your head spun at 33 and a 1/3”


  2. Thanks. To Sir With Love is great, I’m pretty sure I’m in double figures for viewings of that film. Poitier is brilliant. Stomu was a surprise to me when I heard it the other week, I’d never heard of him at all and I picked up a couple of albums on a whim really. I do think there are really only three listeners, I have no stats, only that you, and a couple of chaps I know, Ian & Dave, listen. It sort of doesn’t matter to me all that much about numbers, it’s about quality of listeners 🙂 bit early for t-shits though! Even if it is a cool slogan.


  3. I’m probably not to far behind you on the multiple views of “Sir”. I have the 3 ‘Go’ albums that Stomu was part of. Like you said it is cool to go back and find all this wealth of undiscovered good music. I really do enjoy the show. Lots of surprises. Good variety and music I would’t normally be exposed to. Like the old late night early morning FM broadcasts.


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