Vinyl Subscription Services – The Retro Store

When vinyl subscription service That Special Record recently closed I thought I’d try another service, this time with The Retro Store. I bought a 3 month plan on 27th August 2017 and received nothing. I wrote to them a couple of weeks ago and was told that they are in the process of moving from what was, essentially, a bedroom business so there are inevitable delays.

As a customer rather than a perfectly genial chap who is prepared to be patient, this is awful, two months and nothing? Luckily I am the perfectly genial chap and my patience was rewarded on the 31st of October when I received a message that Box 1 had been shipped. It is 3 days later now and it hasn’t arrived, but at least it is on the way.

So this subscription service is for used vinyl and for £15 a month for three months you receive 3 used vinyl albums, although it has now gone up to £18. You do get to list your preferences and I am very interested to see how my preferences have been interpreted as I think I made them pretty difficult:


I had meant to put DEEP HOUSE, but it’s too late now. They have example boxes on their web site (which weren’t there when I signed up, and my £45 3 month subscription is now £54) and it will be interesting to see what they make of my genre choices having seen the examples:


I have three of the above and want only 1, none of them really fit into my requested genres though, unless you use a crowbar.


When it arrives I’ll let you know how delighted (though I feel it more likely to be disappointed) I am.


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