Radio Show 8 Now Available

It’s over there on the right, or you can find them all here:

33 1/3 Radio

Comments always welcome from either listener.

3 thoughts on “Radio Show 8 Now Available”

  1. Very good show Verian. Lots to like. The Stanley Clark choice was a good reminder. I remember hounding my local record store guy about when the Gabriel record was coming. I wasn’t disappointed when it finally came. I would have never know that was a Rush song. I enjoyed the instrumental cut more than the usual fare. See you next show. CB


  2. Thanks for listening. I really like the first Gabriel album, and the next 3, I didn’t like ‘So’ all that much really, but that could just be because of how often it was played. YYZ is from Moving Pictures, probably my favourite Rush album, take Geddy’s voice out and it’s all rather different.

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  3. Couldn’t agree more on Gabriel. I never anticipated new releases more than Gabriel’s early albums. That Rush cut caught me by surprise. I never gave them the time but I dug that cut. I seen your Genesis take. Will have a look when I get some time. Later.

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