What I Did On My Holidays

Whenever I travel somewhere I will look to see if there are any record shops nearby. This trip took me to Portugal, about 15 minutes by car from Albufera in a rather remote but very nice coastal area. There were no record shops. There was a mall of sorts that was a 14 minute taxi ride away and we went there, to look for women’s clothes mostly (not for me) and there was a store there called FNAC, I have no idea what it stands for but it had PS4 games and laptops and suchlike so I wandered in and near the back of the store I found a music section, which included records, not that many, about 100 or so, but I left the store with a couple of them, which was an unexpected surprise for me and a break from having to give my expert advice on skirts and blouses.

Both albums were Billy Holiday re-issues and were reasonably priced at 14.99 Euros (I don’t know where the Euro symbol is on my keyboard) each.




They are both wonderful albums of course, she was a rare talent.

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