Radio Show 7 Now Available

Show 7, over there on the right or here



6 thoughts on “Radio Show 7 Now Available”

  1. Like you i will be checking out more ‘Comet’. I’m a sucker for sax. Really liked this bands sound. I have a bunch of ‘Carmel’ on vinyl. ‘Bad day’ is a great track. Really good show. SD set was a nice touch. The female singers also. Otis always gets mt attention. Verian i think you might like Cassandra Wilson’s ‘Coming Forth By Day’ It’s her nod to Billie. Bit of a Nick Cave connection. I seen her perform some of it on Austin City. She does a very good version of ‘Strange Fruit’. (Popsicle’s for the smoking cravings).


  2. I’ve only heard the one album, I think it was called Sugar Blue, which I am the King wasn’t actually on, but liked the title track. Walking down the main street with I am the king blasting in the headphones certainly adds an extra spring to my step.

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  3. Thanks for listening. I have 4 or 5 Cassandra Wilson CD’s, but not ‘Coming forth by day’ so will check it out, I do have ‘Belly of the Sun’ which is probably my favourite, recorded in Mississippi train station wikipedia just reminded me but I’m sure it was in a box car or something, anyway, it has a really nice sound. I do think Carmel should have been huge (a massive star in france if I remember rightly) but never seemed to get to that level, which maybe is a good thing. I bought a vape machine thing, it contains more nicotine than popsicles 🙂

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