That Special Record Closes (Pt 1)

I received an e-mail earlier in the week from Miguel, who runs ‘That Special Record’ to let me know that my subscription was now cancelled and the vinyl subscription service was closing after almost 4 years.

It may seem surprising that a seemingly successful startup could fail, but it happens all the time. Unfortunately we didn’t reach enough subscribers, our profit margins were too low and we couldn’t quite crack the business side of things. One of the most important skills we all have to learn in life is to learn when to give up. When to let go. And when to make space for something new. That day has come for That Special Record.

It’s a real shame as I’ve been introduced through the subscription service to many different genres and artists that I would almost certainly never have otherwise considered. So here is a look at the records I both received as part of the service and bought because they looked interesting over the year of my subscription to ‘That Special Record’

The first record I received was The Gods Planet – LP2


Next was ‘FP-Oner’ with ‘6’


Carl Matthews
 ‎– Mirage-Tape-Years


Unearth Noise – Prayer and Resonance


There was also a 12″ single included ‘Various ‎– Maizena Boys’

Saåad ‎– Verdaillon


Milan W. – Intact


Senyawa ‎– Brønshøj (Puncak)


So ends part 1, the rest will be in part 2 along with what I subscribed to next.


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