Voigt/465 ‎– Slights Still Unspoken

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July’s offering from ‘That Special Record’, Voigt/465 ‎with ‘Slights Still Unspoken’. I don’t think much of it to be honest. It sounds like 1 of 1000 bands that were about in the late 70’s and early eighties that I’ve heard and liked, but that was then and I can’t see myself starting to like this retrospectively. The bands I like from that era are because I liked them at the time, there are loads of bands that were probably great but I didn’t like them or maybe know of them at the time so that is that. I can’t be nostalgic for something I never knew. That is not to say that this album isn’t any good, I just can’t see myself giving it more than the couple of plays I’ve already given it. Having said that, I’ve been wrong before.

Wiki: Voigt/465 were an Australian post-punk band based in Sydney. They were a feature of the Sydney inner-city music-scene during the late 1970s and their music was critically acclaimed. Their sound was influenced by Krautrock and has been described by a band-member as an “unsettling mixture of song-driven rock elements and free-noise experimentation”. Voigt/465 recorded an album, Slights Unspoken, before they disbanded in late 1979. With their self-funded recordings and determinedly uncompromising music Voigt/465 epitomised the do-it-yourself ethic of the alternative music scene of the late 1970s.

Here’s a taste of the album so you can make your own mind up:


A1 State
A2 Voices A Drama
A3 A Welcome Mystery
A4 Red Lock On Sea Steal
A5 Imprint
A6 Many Risk
B1 A Secret West
B2 Is New Is
B3 4 Hours
B4 P
B5 F1
B6 Winchsoul


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