Gary Numan Last Night

Good gig last night, Dave enjoyed it and loved the venue. It was a mix of new and old numbers, the encore being ‘down in the park’ and ‘are friends electric’ which went down well.

The new single was good and Numans daughter, Persia, came on to sing as she does on the single. It was a nice moment, some of which is in the short video below that I took on my phone. (Edit – Couldn’t upload mine so here is a much better one from youtube (Edit 2 – Playlist of 5 tracks from the night))

There were some songs from the new album, so I didn’t know those, but they sounded pretty good, which bodes well for the upcoming album release. I had a look at the merchandise and there was a triple album called ‘Obsessive’, I saw the price and enquired no further, £80 for a three record set is more than I was ever going to pay.



Everything Comes Down to This
Bed of Thorns
Ghost Nation
We’re the Unforgiven
A Prayer for the Unborn
Here in the Black
My Name is Ruin
(Performed with his daughter Persia)
Pray for the Pain You Serve
Love Hurt Bleed

Down in the Park
Are ‘Friends’ Electric?

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