The Cult – Top 25 Tracks


Like all lists, they are the opinion of the compiler of the list and compilers are subject to error, me more than most! I would be more than happy to be told I’m totally wrong and should change this list. So tell me if you want to.

25. Heart of Soul
24. American Horse
23. Born to Be Wild
22. Black Angel
21. Go West
20. Peace Dog
19. Wild Hearted Son
18. Big Neon Glitter
17. Rise
16. Bad Fun
15. Dirty Little Rockstar
14. Nirvana
13. Love

12. Spiritwalker
11. Sun King
10. Revolution
9. Fire Woman
8. Sweet Soul Sister
7. Painted On My Heart
6. Edie (Ciao Baby)
5. Wild Flower
4. Love Removal Machine
3. Rain
2. Lil’ Devil
1. She Sells Sanctuary

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