Thirty Three And A Third

I’ve had a bit of a change by upgrading my account and removing ads. I’ve also changed the template so it all looks a bit different. This also means I can upload audio and video directly, so I’ll have a go at that at some point.

I’m hoping to stream a weekly radio show again when I get the equipment sorted. Getting the equipment sorted is actually more difficult than I would like, the soundcard on my laptop is completely dead and the cost of replacing it is about the cost of a new laptop so I haven’t bothered, however, I have one of these:



And it should do the job, I just need a headset mic to replace the one I misguidedly bought last week (it’s bluetooth, the lag is ridiculous).

Also, I have changed the title of the site to ‘Thirty Three And A Third’ complete with a domain name, so now gets you here.

4 thoughts on “Thirty Three And A Third”

  1. Looking forward to listening. Wait, that sounds weird.
    Hearing forward…no, that doesn’t really work either.
    Waiting for the platter’s needle to fall. Yeah.
    sincerely, Clarity Artists (thiscafe)


  2. Thanks for replying, sorry to take so long to see it. Unfortunately, FB seems to be the primary source of viewing these days. Still, WordPress is lovely to be on. Hopefully we’ll post more over here. Are you on FB, by the way?


  3. Hi, yes I’m on Facebook, both for this blog and just as me, as search for Verian would probably find them.


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