Naytronix – Mister Divine


Every now and again extremely cheap albums appear in the Dance and Electronic section of one of my local music shops. There were three today, well, 5 really, but I wasn’t interested in two of them. I’ll get to the other two another time as I’ve only had chance to listen to this one by ‘Naytronix’, which seems a terrible name for a group to be honest, and the album name isn’t much better, ‘Mister Divine’. While in the shop I streamed just a few seconds of a couple of tracks and decided it was worth buying, and it’s a coloured vinyl of course, which I will say for the 100th time, I’m a sucker for.

Here is the title track that you can have a listen to should the fancy take you:

It’s actually an album by ‘tUnE-yArDS’ bassist Nate Brenner. The album has experimental multi-rhythms, several genres are crossed and it’s really rather good I think. I like the oddness of some of the background sounds that are, at times, somewhat in conflict with everything else that is going on but manage to fit regardless. There is a laid-back and carefree feel to the music, the vocals are often tranquil even, but little flourishes pop and spark and make it a really interesting listen.

I’ve only heard it all the way through once but so far so good, and what was the princely sum I paid for it? well, £3.00, that’s right, £3.00, at that price it’s a bargain.


A1 Mister Divine 3:58
A2 Starting Over 4:35
A3 Dream 4:33
A4 Back In Time 4:23
A5 The Wall 4:16
B1 I Don’t Remember 3:43
B2 Future 4:39
B3 Living in a Magazine 4:15
B4 Shadow 3:38

4 videos of tracks from the album:

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