How to knacker your vinyl

I don’t have a particularly good opinion of Crosley, they are very much what you pay for and, while it is good that there is a budget option available for people just getting into vinyl and on limited funds, it’s not good that the build quality is poor and they will probably damage your records.


The image is pretty cool, that I would have to admit. That old fashioned briefcase that you open to reveal a turntable, yes, cool, but when you look closer it’s not what it at first appears to be. As What HiFi says, “It’s a lovely idea, but this flawed turntable should be kept away from your record collection” not least because the downward force of the needle on the record is 7g, where an average turntable is 2.5g, over time, this will ruin your records. I’ve also read that the arm is actually too short and sort of drags its way along as a result, causing further wear.

So why today to have a downer on Crosly? Well, I was in a shop and I saw a Crosley, I took a photo, here it is:


I was quite irrationally annoyed by this piece of crap, mostly because it feels as though it will, in the long run, turn people away from vinyl as surely this will knacker their records.

Now I’m not judging anybody who has a Crosley, I know it is about the cheapest way to get a turntable and we can’t all afford £2000 of gear (I know I can’t), I’m just recommending upgrading as soon as you can, before you do irreparable damage to your vinyl.

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