Well that’s annoying

About once a month I have a look at what’s on at my local music venue, this is it:leamington-assembly-4

Although those carpets make you feel like you are wearing velcro shoes now, they are so sticky, anyway, it’s The Assembly in Leamington Spa, a really good venue that holds about 1000 standing souls and  bit less if they put the seats out. So there I was having a look through and if I see a new band I’ll have a listen to them to see if it sounds like something I might want to go and see live. This time I saw ‘Three Trapped Tigers’ were playing, never heard of them but I really liked what I listened to, very much my sort of thing, post-rock-electronic might be one way to classify it, if you had to.

That was yesterday, today I decided to buy a ticket, only to discover it’s the same night Public Image are playing, for which I already have a ticket. It’s at the same venue but they have a smaller space downstairs called the ‘Zephyr Lounge’. I’m really very disappointed now as I had started to get quite excited about it.

It would have been very much like the video below, ah well, maybe I can sneak in for a bit when there isn’t anybody looking.

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