The Listening list – Yesterday

Who really has time for records? They aren’t portable, they get damaged, they are a bugger to store and they are expensive amongst other negatives. Well I do, for all the reasons that everybody should know, but here are mine as they may differ from yours:

  1. I have an actual artifact, a tangible thing that I can hold, look at, read, admire or dislike. I have something I can have feelings about.
  2. They sound better. They do, you can argue all you like about it, they do.
  3. People. I get to meet people, talk to them about music and hear their stories like the super rare Elvis single they sold for £5 as thye didn’t realise what they had and then saw one sold for £2000. Why they started a record shop, the rare things that they have had and sold. Gigs they’ve been to, new releases and all manner of topics that there are to chat about rather than becoming completely insular blocking out the world with headphones and all the music you might ever want inside a phone.
  4. Records create time. Which sounds like an odd thing to say but they do. I have to take a seat, or at least stay in the same room to listen to the record I’ve put on the turntable and that makes me productive, as I will usually do something while I’m listening rather than plonking my fat arse in front of the telly.
  5. They are potentially valuable. I’m not going to get much selling off an MP3, but my records, they have a resale value, and it’s entirely legal to resell them.
  6. There’s more, much more, but I can’t think of it right now.

Which brings me to ‘The Listening List’. It is often said to me about my vinyl collection, ‘But you can’t listen to them all?’ to which I must respond that yes, that’s true, but I can listen to a lot of them, and if I do want to listen to something, then it is there waiting for me. So the list, it is, quite simply, a descending dated list of vinyl records I’ve listened to, it’s a menu option, feel free to have a look whenever you like. I only started it yesterday but for the moment it seems like a good idea to me, so here is what I listened to yesterday:


Milan W. – Intact
Max Richter – Recomposed: Vivaldi, The Four Seasons
Aphex Twin – The Richard D James Album
Ennio Moriccone – Moses Soundtrack

4 thoughts on “The Listening list – Yesterday”

  1. They do seem odd choices but when I listen to them back to back the make sense to me. And yes, there is a certain ceremony to putting a disk on a turntable, I like that.

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