That Special Record – October

There really isn’t much I can tell you about Milan W. other than that the W stands for Warmoeskerken and that I believe he is from Belgium.

I can tell you about the record I received though, titled ‘Intact’ and limited to 500 copies. With the benefit of just my own ears and no actual research it sounds to me like a mix of analogue and digital instruments, though I can’t guarantee that’s true, I believe it is and what this results in is something rather interesting. At times while listening to the album it feels like a soundtrack to a film I’d rather like but will never see, or perhaps a TV series, think ‘Ex_Machina’ for film or ‘Stranger Things’ for TV, maybe even ‘Humans’, actually, perhaps particularly ‘Humans’ as it is based around the digital becoming analogue, or robots becoming human (as is Ex_Machina of course).


With instrumental music we build our own stories around what we are aurally experiencing, sometimes this fits the vision of the artist, but sometimes it doesn’t and it is entirely something of our own creation. As I know nothing about this album, the story I build whilst listening is mine and yours will be yours. This is a good thing. Also, I can hear influences, not necessarily deliberate, but I pick up Kraftwerk, some Tangerine Dream, Giorgio Moroder and I’m even, strangely, reminded of Ennio Moriccone at certain points, though this is mostly around the track ‘Data’ and is a bit of background whistling which is almost certainly an unintentional connection but it’s something I take from it anyway (it also reminds me of the 1956 film ‘Forbidden Planet, so it really is all in my head I’m sure).

I’ve enjoyed the album, I need to find more time to have a longer and better listen but yes, here is something I simply would never have considered listening to, or even known about, sent to me by ‘That Special Record’, it’s what they do.

A1 Venice (5:21)
A2 Data (4:01)
A3 Aurora (5:12)

B1 Hall (3:55)
B2 Drummer One (4:24)
B3 Capella (3:44)
B4 Contender (5:09)

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