Top 25 Bjork Songs

I was just looking at this again, and here it is again., because I want to

Ahhh lists, entirely subjective lists, they are a thing, a thing I seem to be doing rather a lot lately, but what the hell, everybody loves a good list. So here is a list of the top 25 Bjork songs (at this point, it could be longer by the time I get to the end).

38 Náttúra – Biophellia
37 Black Lake – Vulnicura
36 It’s Oh So Quiet – Post
35 Moon – Biophellia
34 Lionsong – Vulnicura
33 Innocence – Volta
32 Cosmogony – Biophellia
31 Wanderlust – Volta
30 Virus – Biophellia
29 It’s In Our Hands – Vespertine
28 Stonemilker – Vulnicura
27 Mouth Mantra – Vulnicura
26 Triumph Of A Heart – Medulla

25 Cocoon – Vespertine
24 Alarm Call – Homogenic
23 Army Of Me – Post
22 The Dull Flame Of Desire – Volta
21 Unravel – Homogenic
20 Earth Intruders – Volta

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