T. Rex – Ride A White Swan

I picked up a very cheap copy of this 1972 T. Rex compilation because, when I saw it, I realised I don’t have any. It’s not rare or particularly special as a compilation, but boy did I r-973276-1247597422-jpegenjoy listening to it. The average re-sale price of this LP is £2, but that doesn’t mean the songs aren’t great. I used to have a greatest hits cassette back in the early 80’s and it seemed to always be in the tape player so it was played a lot. I seem to recall decorating a bedroom and the cassette was on repeat for about three days, Just T. Rex and nothing else.

I remember Bolan well, I was 10 years old when he died, but he had a TV show that I watched sometimes and, though it seems unlikely, I am convinced that I heard ‘Ride A White Swan’ on the radio when it was first released, which would have been 1970 when I was 3 1/2 years old, it’s possible, but maybe my memory has done some re-writing of history there.

A1 Ride A White Swan
A2 Debora
A3 Child Star
A4 Cat Black (The Wizard’s Hat)
A5 Consuala
A6 Strange Orchestras
B1 One Inch Rock
B2 Salamanda Palaganda
B3 Lofty Skies
B4 Stacey Grove
B5 King Of The Rumbling Spires
B6 Elemental Child


Sing along:

Ride it on out like a bird in the sky ways
Ride it on out like you were a bird
Fly it all out like an eagle in a sunbeam
Ride it on out like you were a bird

Wear a tall hat like a druid in the old days
Wear a tall hat and a tattooed gown
Ride a white swan like the people of the Beltane
Wear your hair long, babe, you can’t go wrong

Catch a bright star and place it on your fore-head
Say a few spells and baby there you go
Take a black cat
Sit it on your shoulder
And in the morning you’ll know all you know


I’m probably going to have to get a couple of other albums now because I want 20th Century Boy, Jeepster, Metal Guru, Telegram Sam an so on, he had a long string of hits and even though he had tapered off creatively towards the end, he was definitely on the way back and it’s a real shame that we never saw what he was going to do next.

3 thoughts on “T. Rex – Ride A White Swan”

  1. That’s a great inexpensive way to get some of his earlier stuff. during his transition from mystical acoustic troubadour into The Electric Wizard, some of his most interesting work. Not to be confused with the album of the same title. Great stuff!


  2. Hi, I’m thinking of a couple of others that I’d like, Electric Warrior, The Slider and maybe Bolan Boogie. I did try and buy a couple of the very early albums a while back but the seller wanted way too much for them.

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