That Special Record – Unearth Noise LP & Maizena Boys 12″

It was great to receive another 12″ with my ‘That Special Record’ subscription, because it was a great 12″from Danish label ‘No Hands’. I guess it is a sampler of sorts as it has 4 different artists on it but they sit side by side really well and the listening experience is very consistent. By this I mean that the the chosen tracks flow from one to the other without noticeably effecting the listener, breaking one out of a mood so to speak, it flows.


While I would like to present a rather more glamorous view of myself, I listened to this 12″ nice and loud while washing the dishes, which gives me an idea for a suite of music similar to ‘Music for Airports’ by Brian Eno. ‘Music for Washing Dishes’ doesn’t sound quite as intriguing though.

I can’t recommend the Maizena Boys 12″ highly enough. It’s a corker


A1 DJ Sports Emotional Endeavour 6:02
A2 Manmade DeeJay & Palta Improvise In Order 8:55
Fake Picasso Side
B1 C.K Log On 5:22
B2 Patla Fingerdansen 8:19

This months album is ‘Prayer and Resonance’ by ‘Unearth Noise’ which is an odd one. It’s a double LP with a wonderful cover, which makes me feel slightly odd if I stare at it for too long. Here it is:


I haven’t had a lot of time to give this album a proper listen but I can tell you that on first listen I frowned a lot, either from concentrating or wondering what I was actually listening to. Then I took closer note of the album title and track names and things began to make a little more sense. ‘A place where prayers are heard’, for example is, musically, a perfect embodiment of the title. To provide some reference point, if you have watched the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’ (which is a great series) and know the part where they are walking through the woods in the upside down world, then this track would slot in there quite nicely. It is both creepy and joyous, depending on how you choose to think about it. Have a listen and make your own mind up (but I am coming around to the idea that I like this track a lot):

Juno Records website had this to say:

In March, Izabel Caligiore decided to launch a label named after her superb Lullabies For Insomniacs show on Redlight Radio, with its debut release coming from the excellent Sugai Ken. Lullabies For Insomniacs now returns, proffering a debut LP from the impeccably obscure Unearth Noise. Full of clandestine mood pieces, droning textures, unsettling pitched-down IDM rhythms, mutant wind chimes and deep space explorations, Prayer & Resonance does a fine job balancing dark and maudlin material, with tracks that feel more gently positive. At 17 tracks deep, it takes a little time to fully take root in your consciousness, but the musical rewards are more than worth the effort.

They say it better than me. I feel like this is a grower, and it’s not all weirdness, ‘Sacred Souls’ for example, is a much more instantly accessible track, well, to my ears it is at least.

There’s still something unsettling about it though.


A1 Soul Surgery
A2 Ayahuasca
A3 Divining Rod
A4 Decoding the past
A5 A Place Where Prayers are Heard
B1 Message from the Dead
B2 Redemption
B3 Sacred Soul
B4 The Sound Is God

Violin – Gautam Karnik

C1 Eulogy
C2 The Mist

Violin – Gautam Karnik

C3 Sceptres
D1 I Have a Dream
D2 I Surrender
D3 Like Meeting God

Words By – Tanisha Jackson

D4 Another Dimension


  • Artwork By – Mario Martinez
  • Composed By – Roger Berkowitz
  • Design – Steele Bonus
  • Mastered By – Wouter Branderburg

There a soundcloud preview and a nice write up here:


Overall I think I’m going to enjoy getting to know this album, it has some nice textures and odd dissonance which are a couple of the things that really appeal to me in music, even if that music has the ability to make me a little uncomfortable.

Another thumbs up to ‘That Special Record‘ from me.




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