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For information purposes, I have no idea how to reply to a comment on this blog, really, no clue at all. I’d like to reply, but all I’m offered is an edit button, which isn’t the same thing at all. I’ve tried different themes to see if that’s why there is no reply button, but that didn’t help, so I ‘Like’ comments, not because I’m being rude, but because it seems to be the best I am able to do, which is a bit embarrassing. Sorry. I will continue to try and figure out what the problem is. Just realised I can do it on my phone. 

Public Image Limited announced they would be playing at The Assembly in Leamington Spa, which is 7 miles from my house, so I’m going to that. I saw them at the beginning of June this year at the O2 in Oxford but didn’t enjoy it all that much, which I think was mostly because I was a little under the weather, so I’m hoping this will be better. It’s in November which will, I hope, allow me to have calmed down a bit regarding the recent re-release announcements.

Why am I annoyed about these announcements? It’s all about the money. I’d love to have a copy of ‘Metal Box’, in the original metal tin, but the re-release (Deluxe Edition) is so overpriced I won’t be able to afford it. Here’s the announcement that I saw:

metal box

The box contains the following:

‘Metal Box’ 4 LP
LP 1: Metal Box
LP 2: Metal Box (continued)
LP 3: Live at Manchester, Russell’s Club (The Factory) 18/6/79
LP 4: Rare Mixes & BBC Session

I’d love these, I really would, but the price is £162.99 (or $216.19 if that’s your currency), for 4 records, two of which I happen to already have, as would most people who are in the market to buy this. So I’d be paying £162.99 for 2 LP’s and a box to put them in. Too much, way too much. I’d rather have the original to be honest, which was three 12″ singles in the metal box (picture below). The price really annoys me as it just seems to be about twice what it should cost.


This month I will be going to see Bjork at the Royal Albert all, which I’m very excited about, even though the tickets haven’t actually arrived yet.

I also picked up a couple of tickets for another gig at The Assembly, though it isn’t until next year, to see The Handsome Family.


If you have ever watched the TV series ‘True Detective’ then you will know The Handsome Family as the opening music was taken from their 2003 album Singing Bones, which I had on CD when it came out, I still have it somewhere I should think. It came as quite a surprise to me when I watched the first episode of True Detective, but a nice one.

Here is that very song, which is called ‘Far From Any Road’:

Other gigs that I’ve been considering are Beth Orton in Oxford, although I’ve already seen her twice so may not go for that one. The Kills, Gary Numan, both also in Oxford. Mø is playing in Birmingham in October, as are Polica. 

I need to find a gig buddy, a friend with benefits, the benefit being that they go to gigs with me. I go to a lot on my own as most people I know don’t share the same taste in music as me, although, admittedly, my tastes are eclectic, but sometimes it’s worth going for the experience, whether you know much about the band or not. 

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