4 Albums: Number 4

Finally catching up with last Monday and getting to the fourth album I listened to.

I have quite a few albums released by Deutsche Grammophon, mostly old classical albums released in the 70’s and 80’s with composers such as Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and the like, the Classic Classical’s I suppose they might be referred to as, but I have some new releases as well, one of which is ‘The Blue Notebooks’ by Max Richter. It was originally released in 2004 but mine is a 2015 180g edition, until I bought this I’d been listening to it digitally.


If memory serves me correctly I was introduced to it by my friend Andy McGough, well, I say friend, it’s more complicated than that, but let’s not go into that now. I suppose it must have been not long after it was released, so at least 10 years ago. There’s a modernity about the music, as one would expect, and to my ears it least, it bridges a gap between the classical and ambient and includes texts taken from “Hymn of the Perl” and “Unattainable Earth” by Czeslaw Milosz and “The Blue Octavo Notebooks” by Franz Kafka, translated by Ernst Kaiser and Eithne Wilkinsand read by Tilda Swinton. There are also sound effects, such as a clacking typewriter, which add to the piece and make it feel complete and self contained.

The music itself is has an air of nostalgia about it, but not in some rose tinted spectacles to the past way, it is laden with melancholy and is somehow forlorn as though a soundtrack to a really rather sad film.

Below is a not brilliantly filmed live performance at the Royal Albert Hall of the opening two tracks from the album:


A1 The Blue Notebooks 1:20
A2 On The Nature Of Daylight 6:11
A3 Horizon Variations 1:52
A4 Shadow Journal 8:22
A5 Iconography 3:38
B1 Vladimir’s Blues 1:18
B2 Arboretum 2:53
B3 Old Song 2:11
B4 Organum 3:13
B5 The Trees 7:52
B6 Written On The Sky 1:39
B7 Bonus Track: On The Nature Of Daylight

Arranged By [Composer’s Assistant] – Henning Fuchs
Conductor – Lorenz Dangel
Orchestra – The Max Richter Orchestra


Here is the whole album, which, obviously, I’d recommend listening to:

So that’s the 4 albums, all different, but all somehow connected, in my mind at least.

Fp-Oner with  “6” (2015)
Oval with “94Diskont” (1995)
Ennio Morricone with “Lizard In A Womans Skin’ (Una Lucertola Con La Pelle Di Donna) (1971)
Max Richter with “The Blue Notebooks” (2004)

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