Well nobody told me: Roxy Music

Whenever I’ve had cause to think of Roxy Music the tracks that are at the forefront of my mind are things like Avalon, More Than This, Jealous Guy, Angel Eyes or Dance Away. These are the ones that were current when I started to really take notice of music and it started meaning something to me. While they are perfectly fine songs they were never going to interest me on any other level than them being something I could whistle to, though probably wouldn’t. I had little idea of what they were as a band before the 80’s. I had seen things like ‘Do The Strand’ on the Old Grey Whistle Test repeats, but my judgement was already set.

I was watching a you tube video where folks were showing their record collections and a ‘Highly Recommended’ was ‘Music For Pleasure’, their sophomore release from 1973, so I decided to give it a streaming music service listen and was genuinely surprised by what I heard.

I have read some reviews from back when it was released and they are, on occasion, far from complimentary but I’ve had the benefit of hearing over 40 years of music since this album was released and heard how music has changed, pioneered, progressed and so, listening to ‘Music For Pleasure’ for the first time I have many more reference points than the reviewers of the day would have had. I can hear the Prog, the Krautrock, the experimentation and the Pop and it is a wonderful mix that gives little indication of the lounge act I felt they became. Perhaps Brian Eno was a catalyst as he left the band after this album and it was a few more albums later before I feel they drifted off the path upon which they had been set (which I only comment upon because I’ve been listening to most of the back catalogue of late).

I found a few albums for sale so thought I’d pick them up for £22, here they are, all six of them:


That’s 3.66 each. I received them yesterday and they are in very good, playable condition. Very pleased with that and finding myself really liking early Roxy Music, which is something I never would have thought would happen as I was really very biased against them until now but damn this stuff is good.

2 thoughts on “Well nobody told me: Roxy Music”

  1. Hi, and thanks. There’s every possibility that my new found appreciation of these early albums will give me a new perspective on the later ones, in fact, I’ll give them a listen today.


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