Ennio Morricone at Blenheim Palace

Absolutely over the moon that my good lady wife and I now have tickets to see Ennio Morricone conduct a 200 piece Orchestra at Blenheim palace in the summer. I have loved his music since I was a little boy, even though I didn’t know it was him, from ‘The good, The Bad & The Ugly’, ‘Fistful of Dollars’ and other spaghetti westerns, through ‘The Mission’, ‘Once Upon a Time In America’, and an appearance in ‘Kill Bill’ and recently ‘The Hateful Eight’. He is extraordinarily prolific having composed scores for over 500 films and over 100 other full length pieces. Morricone is basically a legend.


Our seats are about 10 rows from the front and off to the left a bit. It should be a great view.

We saw a concert on TV a few years ago, 2011 probably, set in Piazza San Marco in Venice, accompanied by the Roma Sinfoniettaa, and were enthralled by it. Eventually hunting it down on DVD so that we could watch it again. It’s on youtube now and you can watch it in all it’s glory below.

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