Massive Attack Top 25

These lists are always difficult, this one particularly so as I have been procrastinating for far too long over this one, so I shall post and be damned.

25 Man Next Door
24 Babel
23 Dead Editors
22 Take It There
21 Special Cases
20 Better Things
19 Paradise Circus
18 Protection (Feat. Tracey Thorn)
17 Dissolved Girl
16 Black Milk
15 Live With Me
14 Sly
13 Pray For Rain
12 Five Man Army
11 Future Proof
10 What Your Soul Sings
9 Group Four
8 Unfinished Sympathy
7 Butterfly Caught
6 Angel
5 Safe From Harm
4 Teardrop
3 Risingson
2 Karmacoma
1 Inertia Creeps

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