Radio App

Search ‘All Radio For Shoutcast’ on the App Store or Google play. When installed search for ‘For the love of vinyl’ and when broadcasting you can listen from this app on your phone. Or you can listen in your browser, it would be great if you could join me for a while on Thursday at 20:00 GMT:



The Radio show returns on Thursday with the following on the menu:

20:00 The Playlist -An eclectic mix of songs they don’t usually play on the radio

21:00 That Was The Year That Was1981 – An hour of UK Top 75 Songs from this weeks year, but not the ones you might expect. Help shape the hour by taking part in song selection here:

Rank The Tracks

22:00 The Specialist Hour – This week, Classic Rock.


Sign up for e-mail reminders here: – Reminders

And when the show is live on Thursday at 20:00 GMT you can now liste from my own site here:- Listen

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