Shocking Revelation – Tim Westwood

WestwoodI have only just discovered that 58 year old DJ Tim Westwood is a real person and not an actor parodying a 58 year old middle class fellow who thinks he’s straight outta Compton.*

That he is not a Keith Lemon/Borat type character is a shocking revelation, to me at least.

“man, let’s make it happen. Yo, that is a number one hit across the world. That’s the real. It is what it is though. It’s real. That’s the way it’s going down, with the Radio One rap show. Never seen ‘Meth’ as good as that. Right that’s the way it’s going. It’s going to be up there. Yeh man, and also, yeh man. People is really feeling that, so that should be real flavour.”

*ok, so I haven’t just discovered this, but just heard him speaking again and it annoys me greatly

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