Side 1, Track 12:

Total Run Time: 50:00

Japan: Ghosts: 4 Minutes 37 Seconds: 1982


I had a copy of tin Drum, which this single was taken from, back when it was released, and I still have a copy now although I think I originally had a cassette rather than vinyl. Japan were not everybody’s thing, but ‘Tin Drum’ was a very good album and quite different to much of the ‘New Wave’ music that was a round at the time. For me it is the sparseness of this track that sets it apart and it’s total unsuitability as a single release, which still managed a No.5 placing in the UK charts. It isn’t the cheeriest song but it does have a haunting beauty.

Just when I think I’m winning/ When I’ve broken every door/ The ghosts of my life blow wilder than before/ Just when I thought I could not be stopped/ When my chance came to be king/ The ghosts of my life blew wilder than the wind



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