What’s in the bag? (72)

While in town yesterday buying used LP’s I also a bought a new one, at FULL PRICE! I know, crazy right? It was an old one but recently re-released on 180g vinyl. Now I’ve read up on 180g vinyl and apparently it has little bearing on the sound, however, this does not mean it doesn’t have benefits. It is less lightly to warp and it does have the feel of a more premium product, it can also reduce the amount of wow and flutter audible on a record as the larger mass enables the platter to move at a more continuous speed, but my ears probably wouldn’t notice this.

I like 180g records, which I understand to be more likely to be virgin vinyl and there’s a thinking that they quality control is a bit better as it is a premium product, however, they are cut from the same masters, the grooves are no deeper and it’s doubtful that most people can tell the difference in sound between 130g and 180g. They do add to the ceremony of vinyl I think, so the experience of removing the record from its sleeve, placing it on the platter, lifting the arm etc. is somewhat enhanced from it being that heavy vinyl.


Back to the album, it was the début from DJ Shadow, ‘Entroducing…’. Originally released in 1996, It is primarily made up of samples (which are all listed below if you are interested) but still critically acclaimed, cropping up in dozens of critics year end lists and now considered to be a classic of the era. Listening to it today it still sounds fresh and new, as though it was just released rather than first appearing almost 20 years ago. Which is almost apt, as it is, to use a well used phrase, considered to be a ‘Sgt. Peppers’ moment for the genre, it’s influence still resonating now.

I can’t say I was there at the beginning, or even interested in this musical genre 20 years ago. I first heard this album a couple of years ago, but having done so, it seemed a must own on vinyl for me.

Tracklist with samples listed:

1.“Best Foot Forward” – 0:48

2.“Building Steam with a Grain of Salt” – 6:41

Contains samples of:
“I Feel a New Shadow” by Jeremy Storch[82]
“Planetary Motivations (Cancer)” by Mort Garson[83]
An interview with drummer George Marsh[84]

3.“The Number Song” – 4:38
Contains samples of:
“Orion” by Metallica[84]
“Baby Don’t Cry” by The Third Guitar[85]
“Corruption Is the Thing” by Creations Unlimited[85]
“Quit Jive’in” by Pearly Queen[85]

4.“Changeling” / “Transmission 1” – 7:51
Contains samples of:
“Invisible Limits” by Tangerine Dream[82]
“Klondyke Netti” by Embryo[85]
Prince of Darkness[23]

5.“What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)” – 5:08
Contains samples of:
“The Vision and the Voice” by The Flying Island[82]
“Monica” by The People’s People[85]

6.Untitled 0:24
Contains samples of:
“Grey Boy” by Human Race[85]

7.“Stem/Long Stem” / “Transmission 2” – 9:22

Contains samples of:
“Love Suite” by Nirvana[82]
“Freedom” by Murray Roman[86]
“Tears” by Giorgio Moroder[83]
Prince of Darkness[23]

8.“Mutual Slump” – 4:03
Contains samples of:
“Possibly Maybe” by Björk[82]
“Love, Love, Love” by Pugh Rogefeldt[85]
“More Than Seven Dwarves in Penis-Land” byRoger Waters and Ron Geesin[85]

9.“Organ Donor” – 1:57
Contains samples of:
“Tears” by Giorgio Moroder[87]
“Someone” by Tim and Bill[88]

10.“Why Hip Hop Sucks in ’96” – 0:41
Contains samples of:
“There’s a DJ in Your Town” by Samson & Delilah[89]
“Snap” by Cleo McNett[89]

11.“Midnight in a Perfect World” 5:02

Contains samples of:
“Sower of Seeds” by Baraka[82]
“Sekoilu Seestyy” (English: “The Madness Subsides”) by Pekka Pohjola[82]
“Releasing Hypnotical Gases” by Organized Konfusion[90]
“The Human Abstract” by David Axelrod[91]
“Dolmen Music” by Meredith Monk[29]
“California Soul” by Marlena Shaw[92]

12.“Napalm Brain/Scatter Brain” – 9:23
Contains samples of:
“Pon a Hill” by Tyrannosaurus Rex[85]
“Space Oddysey – 2001” by Daly-Wilson Big Band[85]
“A Funky Kind of Thing” by Billy Cobham[85]
The Aurora Encounter

13.“What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 1 – Blue Sky Revisit)” / “Transmission 3” – 7:28
Contains samples of:
“The Voice of the Saxophone” by The Heath Brothers[82]
“All Our Love” by Shawn Phillips[93]
“Nucleus” by The Alan Parsons Project[94]
“Joe Splivingates” by David Young[95]
Prince of Darkness[23]
Twin Peaks[31]

Total length:


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