This 1982 release contains one of my favourite tracks by Grace Jones, which is why it’s playing in the video below, ‘Nipple to the bottle’ written by Jones and Sly Dunbar. I spoke more about Grace Jones last month, here: What’s in the bag?(49). In relation to the Island Life compilation. I said then I’d be getting some more and it hasn’t taken long. I only paid £1.75 for it and it plays perfectly, it almost feels like theft!

The first track is the much better known ‘My Jamaican Guy’, actually, it’s a really good side one:

“My Jamaican Guy” (Grace Jones) – 6:00
“Nipple to the Bottle” (Grace Jones, Sly Dunbar) – 5:55
“The Apple Stretching” (Melvin Van Peebles) – 7:08

The second side is good as well, but not as good as side 1, at least I don’t think so:

“Everybody Hold Still” (Grace Jones, Barry Reynolds) – 3:10
“Cry Now, Laugh Later” (Grace Jones, Barry Reynolds) – 5:00
“Inspiration” (Grace Jones, Barry Reynolds) – 4:35
“Unlimited Capacity for Love” (Grace Jones, Barry Reynolds) – 5:45

Here again is another great cover, created by her then partner, Jean-Paul Goude, though with with an additional contribution from Rob O’Connor.


Included is the cover of the single for ‘My Jamaican Guy’ as it is also rather damn good.

Here’s a video of a performance of ‘Nipple to the bottle’, which does actually include an actual nipple, if you watch it and are a sensitive type, then you were warned.

If you just want to listen to it then this is a much better version:


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