what’s in the bag? (49)

IMAG0827 I bought this today for £3.50 in Head Records in Leamington Spa, and it plays like new. I’ve always liked Grace Jones, who is another one who has had a bit of a bad response from many in the music press, perhaps since the time she hit Russell Harty on TV, although I thought all the guests on his chat show should probably have hit him. My favourite bit is when the audience applauds as she wades in (the guy who talks over it is a dick):

I took a crappy photo of it so here is the actual cover, in which my interest was re-ignited after I read an article on how it was created (by her then partner, Jean Paul Goude):


As you can see, she didn’t actually perform the pose, it is a composite. Despite this, it is still a great cover image.

Here is the entire album in video, with an extra one at the end, of her 2012 performance for the Jubilee where, at the age of 64, she hula-hoops whilst performing ‘Slave to the rythm’, extraordinary woman.

The album itself is a greatest hits of sorts so there aren’t any bad tracks on it and it is a fabulous introduction to her work.

Now I shall probably grab some more Grace on vinyl, as I had ‘Nightclubbing’ at some point in the distant past and feel the need to get it again.


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