What’s in the Bag? (29-39)

I mentioned in What’s In The Bag 28? that I mentioned that I bought 10 albums for £21 but it turns out was actually 11. When I am paying £20 for one album, this really is quite a bargain and they are in fine condition. Below is a gallery of the Simon and Garfunkel and solo albums that make up the 11.

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In truth, I wasn’t that interested in the solo Art Garfunkel albums but I’ll give them a listen.

So far I’ve listened to “Wednesday Morning at 3am”, one side of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and one side of “Fate For Breakfast” and they play absolutely perfectly, there is not a pop or a crackle anywhere, they sound as good as thought they were brand new.

Just because, below is “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, their final studio album released in 1970. It’s regarded as a classic for a reason, and side one is about as good as Side 1’s of an album get (and side 2 ain’t bad either).

Side one
1. “Bridge over Troubled Water” 4:52
2. “El Condor Pasa (If I Could)” (Daniel Alomía Robles, English lyrics by Paul Simon, arranged by Jorge Milchberg) 3:06
3. “Cecilia” 2:55
4. “Keep the Customer Satisfied” 2:33
5. “So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright” 3:41

Side two
6. “The Boxer” 5:08
7. “Baby Driver” 3:14
8. “The Only Living Boy in New York” 3:58
9. “Why Don’t You Write Me” 2:45
10. “Bye Bye Love” (live recording from Ames, Iowa) (Felice and Boudleaux Bryant) 2:55
11. “Song for the Asking” 1:49

I suppose I should really get a copy of “The Graduate” as well.

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