What’s in the bag? (17)

Here we are in 1979 again and, before I say anything else, I must confess my love of Blondie, no matter what your own opinion is, if it doesn’t agree with mine then it is invalid. I had first heard Blondie in 1977 with the single ‘Denis’, which, at the time, I had no idea was a cover version (Randy & The Rainbows was the original, from 1963). I liked it a lot, I was 10 years old, why wouldn’t I? I think that, at one point, I did have a 7” of it, unfortunately, when I moved to a new town at the age of 16 I gave all my vinyl records away, every single one (and I really can’t recall at the moment why the hell I did that).

I have never owned either of the first two albums, Blondie & Plastic Letters, but I did own Parallel Lines, which I still think is one of the most complete albums ever made, really, I do. Look at the track listing:

Side one

1. “Hanging on the Telephone” (The Nerves cover)
2. “One Way or Another”
3. “Picture This”
4. “Fade Away and Radiate”
5. “Pretty Baby”
6. “I Know but I Don’t Know”

Side two

7. “11:59”
8. “Will Anything Happen?”
9. “Sunday Girl”
10. “Heart of Glass”
11. “I’m Gonna Love You Too” (Buddy Holly cover)
12. “Just Go Away”

Looking at that I now have to get another copy, but first, ‘Eat to the Beat’. After the success of Parallel Lines, what do you do? Open with a hit of course! And with ‘Dreaming’ they did, admittedly a #2 hit, but a hit nonetheless (also, the lyrics, “Fade away, radiate” reference the Parallel Lines track), and the rest of the album retains much of the feel of Parallel lines, although it isn’t as a whole, as accomplished an album, it is still packed with quality. There’s ‘Atomic’, a massive hit, ‘The Hardest Part’, Union City Blue’ and ‘Die young stay pretty’, all pretty killer.


How could anybody not love this!:

This album was the most expensive at the record fair, costing me the princely sum of £5, but it was £5 well spent as it is so damn good, and now I have to get myself a vinyl copy of Parallel Lines.



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