What’s in the bag? (15)

I think that if you see an album for sale at £1 that’s in good condition and that contains at least one song you like then not buying it (actually, it’s almost rescuing it!) is somehow wrong. This particular £1 was spent on the second Joe Jackson album, ‘I’m The Man’. It contains ‘It’s different for Girls’ which is one of, maybe, three tracks of his that I know for sure, there may be more I would recognised if I heard them, perhaps. The album is from 1979, so I was about 12 years old and at the beginning of a musical journey of discovery. I wasn’t really sure what I liked and didn’t like at this point, it was actually quite a confusing time as much of what was considered good music was the exact opposite of what I had also started listening to and liking. Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’ was released in 1979 and ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ was only 6 years old, which is quite current (for comparison, ‘Only The Night’ (the one with ‘Sex On Fire’) was released 6 years ago), Led Zeppelin had just released ‘in through the out door’, Fleetwood Mac released ‘Tusk’, these were the sort of things I was supposed to like. I did like them, but was being drawn elsewhere as well. What I heard on the radio (at a time when I was still taping the charts every Sunday and enjoying the benefits of a double tape deck so that I could edit out the DJ afterwards) was at odds with the LP’s we had in the house, I was hearing;

Tubeway Army, The Boomtown Rats, Ian Dury & The Blockheads, The Police, Elvis Costello, Blondie, Squeeze, The Jam, The Specials and, sometimes, when BBC Radio 1 actually played them, The Sex Pistols.

Lumped in with the above bands under New Wave I guess, was Joe Jackson ‘Is She Really Going Out With Him?’ and ‘It’s Different For Girls’. The rest of this album reminds me of a cross between XTC, Elvis Costello and Squeeze, which is not a bad thing at all, and it was £1 well spent.




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